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Our FPC Engineers transform your idea on the scratch pad to final development.

Strategic planning for physical and financing structure

Facility evaluation and assessment

Budget planning

Community coordination and outreach

Governmental consulting

Code review and management

Permit administration


FPC creates the transparent, up-front budget plan and value engineering documents that ensure you know what will be built, how much it will cost, and how it will be scheduled.

Detailed budgeting and value engineering

Drawing reviews and build analyses

Subcontractor outreach, screening, and qualification

Bid package management, analysis, and oversight

Staging and logistics

Permit application and processing

 Construction Management

FPC Engineers oversee construction from start to finish, every detail, every step of the way. Our standard is to fully integrate quality and integrity with every project, and ensure that it arrives on time and within budget.

Professional supervision on site, all the time

Subcontractor oversight and management, on site, all the time

Schedule management and control

Quality control

Environmental impact management and mitigation

Budget control

Team communication; total coordination

Client, team and contractor progress meetings

Web-based documentation

Transparent project reporting and accounting

Full administrative support

Delivery and Close Out

FPC is committed to a stress free operation – no loose ends, no job left undone.

Training for all systems and equipment

Environmental sign-off; permit inspections

Coordinate furnishing and installations, vendor to occupant

Documentation of all close-out phases

Warranty monitoring